The Coffee Specialty Company

"Coffee at Dawn" is the coffee specialty company founded by Dawn Pinaud, a Coffee-Preneur on a mission to find the world's best beans and blends.  Dawn's career began at Starbucks when she and her team opened their first beverage bar. After 10 years and the opening of the first four regions, she left to launch her own coffee bar, "Caffe at Dawn" in Malibu, California. Two years later, "Caffe at Dawn" was sold and Dawn hit the road for London. This led to specialty coffee concepts in the EMEA, where she worked for startups for 15 years. Dawn's selection of exceptional coffees for her private blend was inspired by her travels and crafted to deliver a delicious cup of coffee every time. Each bag of "Coffee at Dawn" (as it's now known as), is hand-roasted on a small island in the Pacific Northwest and shipped freshly roasted daily.

Dawn has been developing startup concepts, food menus, and creative artisan products for many years. Her latest creations are Coffee-Nut bars (see Foodies Only) and biscotti.  Check out the Foodies section for her latest creations.  Check out Dawn's story on www.dawnpinaud.co 


What makes Coffee at Dawn special?

We aim to deliver the highest quality experience possible. Coffee expert Dawn Pinaud has carefully selected the finest coffees from the world's finest coffee-producing regions. Dawn has ensured that each and every bag is of the highest quality. Each bag of coffee is custom roasted and is guaranteed to be packed and shipped within 24 hours. Our process ensures that you receive the freshest beans with the cleanest taste for any brewing method.