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Dawn Pinaud, Coffee-Preneur in collaboration with the 'Master of Spices,' Lior Lev Sercarz, developed a unique blend of small farm-sourced, freshly ground spices, from around the world.  Change up your morning coffee with an added boost of flavor and more.


Tasting Notes:

  • Indian Turmeric is considered the world's best due to its high Curcumin content.
  • Sweet
  • Spicy
  • Pungent


Health Properties: 

  • A blend of superfoods
  • keto-friendly
  • anti-inflammatory
  • rich in phytonutrients
  • a powerful antioxidant
  • high concentration of essential oils
  • has prebiotic properties /may improve gut health
  • Gluten Free


Ingredients: Indian Turmeric, Vietnamese cinnamon, Guatemalan cardamom 'the queen of spices', ginger, and black pepper. 


Directions -

  • Place a pinch or more into your cup.
  • Fill your cup with a hot coffee or favorite beverage of your choice.
  • Stir



- Sprinkle on granola, yogurt, oatmeal

- Blend in smoothies, add to baked goods, and desserts.

- Sprinkle on savory dishes like roasted chicken and in soups. 

- Sweeten with raw sugar or honey.


Net Weight - 2 ozs per jar / 50 to 100 servings





Golden Sun Masala Spices