Dawn is the CoffeeNut and loves to put her Dawn's Blend Coffee into everything she creates. The Swiss dark (similar to semi-sweet) chocolate is infused with Dawn's Blend coffee and each bar is made by hand. Inside the custom-blended peanut butter cup has been upgraded with the addition of whole almonds.  Even milk chocolate enthusiasts loved this one. 


WARNING:  Contains Allergens From Almonds, Peanuts, and Dairy 


CoffeeNut Bars Artisan Dark Chocolate (2 or 6 Pack)

  • Chocolate can be frozen but be sure to thaw in the fridge prior to bringing to room temperature.  Never put chocolate near heat as it can "bloom" which means "fat bloom" or "fat crystals," a whitish coating. It's not going change the taste and can be brushed off with a cotton ball.