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Dawn added freshly ground spices to raw turbinado sugar from the 'Master of Spices', Lior Sercarz at La Boite NY. These freshly ground spices are sourced with extreme care and without compromise to compliment your morning coffee.  


Ingredients: Raw Cane Sugar, Dark Cocoa, Urfa Chili, Orange Blossoms 


Tasting Notes: Urfa Biber is considered a pepper in Turkey. It is quite unique and considered the hottest spice in the world. This addition is softened by high-quality dark cocoa, and sweetened by orange blossoms. We love how the heat comes slowly into your mouth and is a warm sensation overall.


Urfa Biber is a black color so don't be surprised if you see tiny black specks in the cocoa.  Orange blossoms are ground as fine as possible but you may see a few.  


Directions: Pour sugar-spice mixture into the tin. Shake-shake-shake to mix spices evenly. Put a bit of water on a plate and dip your coffee mug or glass just to moisten. Dip the rim into the sugar-spice mixture and rotate a half or full rim.


Uses: Good with a latte, cocoa, mocha, sprinkled on top of cappuccino foam, or whipped cream.  We love it with cold brew coffee too.


Store away from heat and moisture. 





Urfa Chili Chocolate Coffee Rimmers