How much coffee do I use to make a cup of coffee?

2 rounded tablespoons per 6 ozs of filtered water.

Why filtered water?

Tap water has chlorine and off-tastes that are not pleasant in the cup.

What temperature should my water be for brewing?

Just off a boil. Too hot and you burn the coffee causing bitterness in the cup.

Which grind should I choose?

Rule of thumb: French Press - Coarse , Electric - Medium, Cone Shape Filter Paper - Fine. (The water should drip through in 4 to 6 minutes.) or refer to the manufacturer's instructions that came with your equipment.

What is the best coffeemaker to use?

That's a matter personal preference but the industry favorite is the French Press or Press Pot. Plus, the French Press retains all the delicate oils that contain all the powerful antioxidants. Yes, coffee is loaded with healthy antioxidants!

How long can I keep the hot coffee on a heat source?

15 - 20 minutes max or the coffee will burn.

How long can I keep the hot coffee in a thermal container?

1 hr as it cools and bitterness rises.

Can I reheat coffee?

No, it's not recommended. Reheating often results in intense bitterness.